Shareholders' Communication Policy

The board of directors (the “Board”) of E. Bon Holdings Limited (the “Company”) has adopted a Shareholders’ Communication Policy aiming to provide the Company’s shareholders, in appropriate circumstances, the investment community at large, with ready, equal and timely access to balanced and understandable information about the Company, so that Shareholders are able to exercise their rights in an informed manner, and to allow them and the investment community to engage actively with the Company. For the purpose of this Policy, reference to the investment community is intended to include the Company’s potential investors as well as analysis reporting and analysis the Company’s performance.

Shareholders and other stakeholders may at any time send their written enquiries and concerns by post to the Board by addressing them to the Company Secretary of the Company at its Head Office as follows:

The Company Secretary
16th–18th Floors
First Commercial Building
33 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

The Company has established a number of channels for maintaining an on-going dialogue with its Shareholders and the investment community, and will regularly review this Policy to ensure its effectiveness as follows:

(a) Information shall be communicated to Shareholders and the investment community mainly through the Company’s financial reports (interim and annual reports), annual general meetings and other general meetings that may be convened, as well as by making available all corporate communications on the Company’s website.

(b) Effective and timely dissemination of information to Shareholders and the investment community shall be ensured at all times.

Any question regarding this Policy shall be directed to the Company Secretary.